Investing In Education


Dollar for Dollar Education is the Best Investment We Can Make in Our Future

According to a “Dan Jones Survey” released this week, improving education quality is the highest priority for Utah voters. As November 6th draws closer and you make your decision on who will best represent the needs of House District 73, I ask you this simple question; Do you want someone that has clearly made Education one of her highest priorities?

As a long time advocate of our education system and the only candidate for House District 73 with the support of the Utah Education Association, I support our teachers and will work tirelessly to see our children achieve their highest level possible. As your Representative I will work to secure stable funding streams for education through collaborative efforts helping to make our communities even better places to live.

I am a firm believer that every dollar we spend on education brings a return on investment that not only benefits our students but has a positive effect on our communities. A strong education will help create a well trained and stable workforce, a draw for any business  looking to locate here.  Providing employment opportunities for our children is the single best way to keep our communities strong and vibrant. 

Developing broadband throughout all of District 73 will allow us to link our schools to advanced technology, innovative business, vocational training and CTE  (Career Technical Education) programs thus creating opportunities in the current job market. Skilled tradesmen are needed in our communities now and we must focus on training the next generation today to meet this demand. Providing the best educational opportunities for our youngest children to our young adults will provide a diversified economy, a solid future and a great place for all of us to live.

Make the only choice that makes sense - Vote Marsha Holland, Utah House of Representatives, District 73.

Marsha Holland