Open and Honest

As a candidate for Utah House District 73, I stand for open and honest government. 

This is not an empty, throwaway phrase. “Open” means the government’s business--- which is to say policy debates and votes, decision-making, and the allocation and spending of our tax dollars--- is all carried out in view of the public, and subject to public scrutiny and comment. “Honest” means a government that operates in the best interests of the public-at-large, and not for the personal enrichment of any individual, industry, or political agenda. 

I continue to regard government service as “Service” for the public good. That commitment will never waiver for me.  And “Public” means everyone. All of us. We should be able to weigh decisions made by our elected officials on the scale of public benefit. This is simply the right thing, to spend the public’s money on projects and initiatives that benefit the public at large without bias in favor of one group over another. Policy enacted with the broad and open hearing of an issue and through negotiation is the correct path to sound fair decision-making that benefits the public. It’s the American way.

As your House District 73 representative, I will serve all constituents and I pledge this: Open and Honest communication to the constituents of District 73. I’m a big fan of the Utah State Legislature’s website ( This has provided a great step forward in enabling Utahns to observe their legislators in action, watch hearings, read the text of bills as they move through both chambers, email direct comments on legislation, and generally have a good window into their state legislature at work.  And with the technology now commonly available, this window should be made available to the Counties of District 73 as well.

Marsha Holland