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Since I announced my candidacy in March, I have been visiting the towns throughout all of District 73. I have been listening to you, the residents, about the issues that mean the most and that will be addressed in the State Legislature. It begins with better representation of all citizens from District 73 at the State level. These are the top issues that make up my platform.

  • Education - Our children deserve the best K-12 education so they're ready for the next stage in their lives and a lifetime of learning. This can be achieved through dedicated, stable funding streams, with resources focused on early childhood, teacher development and continuing collaborative efforts.
  • Public Safety - The professionals who pledge to protect us are stretched to the limit across our district. I salute these individuals who put their own convenience and their lives on the line for all of us. I will seek State and National support to maintain, improve, and expand public safety programs.
  • Healthcare - Consistent, high quality healthcare is part of a solid foundation from which  our communities can grow. I will work with counties, agencies, and communities within District 73 to ensure access to healthcare systems for residents and visitors.
  • Rural Development - Each county and town is unique, but all have concerns and challenges when it comes to growth. First, we must tackle our infrastructure concerns.  I will work with state agencies, local leadership, and private partners to improve infrastructure. While tourism and agriculture are important contributors to our rural economy, expanding and utilizing broadband to connect schools to economic development mean great things for our future. Working together we can improve our economy and maintain our rural quality of life.
  • Public Lands - We all treasure our public lands and the value of traditional and multiple land uses. Our rural economy and lifestyle depends on access, now and in the future. This is our common ground. Strong leadership and collaboration will lead to practical partnerships and solutions with National and State land managers that focus on local needs and voices.  

Through my work in Bryce Valley schools I have been fortunate to know many teachers and understand their challenges and goals. As a member of the County’s hospital board I help raise funds to secure needed medical equipment for our clinics and hospital thus reducing the burden of local government. I have co-owned and operated two businesses which has given me experience in economic and tourism development in the region through state initiatives and grant writing. I know about making payroll, paying bills on time and working within a budget. And finally my work with the Oral History Project has given me a unique understanding and appreciation of our local history and culture.

My experience and advocacy allows me to understand District 73 issues. I will work hard to find solutions and improve the chances for success for our families, communities and counties. In rural Utah we have opportunities, we are innovators and together we will succeed. I believe the needs of District 73 are best served when “People Come First.”


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